A Pretty Cool Pre-Treater Machine

Designed to lower investment cost which makes pre-treating machine affordable to virtually every DTG user.

Max Spray Area:
18" x 22"

One Size Fits All

From as small as 4″ x 4″ pocket size to A2 size, and even multiple up-chest design size or sleeve size, PRE-T-COOL pre-treater machine will fit to your needs.

PRE-T-COOL pre-treater machine works for most DTG printers available in the market, up to 18″ x 22″ spray area.

Precise Spray Density Control

With Even Spray Pattern

Built-in with both Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and speed controls, PRE-T-COOL pre-treater is able to output at precise density, from as low as 15g to 25g per A3-area (14″x17″) with five levels to choose from.

You might need 15g per A3 for light-coloured t-shirt pre-treatment and 20g per A3 for dark-coloured t-shirt pretreatment. Every function is just a toggle of a button!

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Laser Positioning

Accurate & Intuitive to Reduce Error

An easy positioning system located beside PRE-T-COOL drawer simply glides the laser line to where you want the spray to begin and stop.

This intuitive method provides every user the peace of mind and a visual control of the spraying area.

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